Although tab betting is more popular in Australia and New Zealand it is possible to do this in the UK. You will find that tab betting is done under a different name over here but you can still find the full range of services in the UK. In Australia and New Zealand much of their tote betting is done by a company called tab in the UK you can find a range of tote betting services under every major sportsbook. Keno is also available in the UK though is  nowhere near as popular as it is in Australia or other countries.

Tote betting is available through most major sportsbooks (see our 365bet review on oddsjunkie.com) but predominantly Betfred and Betfair carry all major tote betting markets such as Scoop six and placepots. You can also play keno at both of these sites but bear in mind they may pay differently to their Australian counterparts. Those that have got used to keno in places such as Vegas will be delighted to know that keno in UK casinos have a much higher payout percentage. Keno in Vegas is known to have the lowest payout percentages out of any casino game going and can be as low as 60% at casinos on the strip.

Tote betting has been around for many years in the UK and takes various different forms. It is a form of betting which allows you to make small wagers in an attempt to hit a big win. Everyone who  plays tote betting games contributes to the pot and the jackpot prize is hit when a certain winning pattern is hit i.e. you correctly predict the result of six horse races or the correct score of six football matches. Tote betting games can also be split if one or more person wins the jackpot prize. There are also prizes for runners-up i.e. in Scoop six if your six horses  place you will also be eligible for the place fund which can range from anything from a few pounds to thousands of pounds depending on which horses wins.

This site will walk you through all the different totes betting markets available in the UK as well as the different keno games available on various websites.