If you live in Australia then you will no doubt have noticed the online gambling landscape has changed quite dramatically in recent years. At the moment online gambling is allowed by a strict amount of online operators only. This has seen many people forced into using overseas operators which are under no controlled by the Australian government. This can see many people getting ripped off with absolutely no recourse or safety.

However, some major operators have been granted licences in Australia meaning players can have a safe online environment in order to make wagers online. One of these operators is bet365 a massive UK-based casino and sports book. Bet365 have recently employed Sam Jackson to be the face of the company in Australia and have recently undertook a huge marketing campaign in order to launch bet365 into the forefront of online Australian gambling. Bet365 have reported losses in the first few years of operating in Australia but they are determined to see things turn around shortly as they predicts huge profits with the online operation in Australia as they have done elsewhere throughout the world. In fact, bet365 is one of the most successful online casino and sports books in the world last year they reported over £300 million in profit and have seen their owners hits the women’s Forbes rich list.

Bet365 have recently got into trouble in Australia for the unfair advertising campaigns in which they offered $200 free bets. In actual fact these free bets were not free at all but actually meant as deposit matches as they are in the UK. The advertising standards agency in Australia came down hard on bet365 to make an example of them. Since then bet365 have gone all out to ensure the advertising standards are much higher and insisted that all affiliates and advertising agencies affiliated with bet365 do not use the term free bets when advertising their bonuses.

Despite the hiccups, bet365 still remain the best option for Australian citizens. They offer the biggest bonuses (not free bets) as well as the best selection of games and Pokies. Please note however that bet365 and any other sports book are unable to offer in play betting to Australian residents.

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