Keno is not as popular in the UK as it is in certain countries and cities such as Vegas or the USA. It is similar in style to bingo in that it is entirely based on the main concept of selecting the right numbers to be selected by the machine. In Keno  you select any amount of numbers between one and usually 100. The exact amount of numbers you choose is up to you and the exact amount of numbers you can choose from depends on the machine and the operator. Obviously the more balls you choose the more your odds variate. For example selecting 10 balls between 1 and 100 will pay a lot more if you get all 10 correct then choosing one number. You will get prizes based on how many numbers you have selected correctly. Usually if you select 10 numbers and you get three or four correctly selected you will start to win prizes.

Prizes you win will variate between one times your bet i.e. a refund and possibly up to 1 million times your bet depending on the machine. The odds in Keno  are much worse than many other casino games. This is more true in Vegas than anywhere else as in a lot of Vegas casinos the return to player is roughly 60%. This means for every one dollar you put in you get $.60 back. This represents terrible value for money and is pretty much on par with the UK lottery. If you play keno online in the UK however your odds are much much better is around 90 to 95%. There  aren’t as many keno platforms as in  Australia or the USA but  every major high street bookmakers will have a game in some format or another. Personally I recommend bet365 as they offer huge sign up bonuses as well as different platforms for you to play the game on. The customer service is also 2nd to none and multilingual meaning they offer customer support in dozens of different languages.

Bet365 also offer a special slots and highroller bonus of anything up to £500.

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