Placepots are a popular type betting market run every single day when there are major force races on. Although it is more popular with horseracing a similar market can be applied to greyhound racing was much smaller returns. In order to win a place put all you need to do is select six horses which you believe will place in the six selected races in a single meeting.

Everyone who buys a ticket or a place book contributes to the pot and the amount each ticket is worth will depend on how many winning tickets therefore when all the tickets have been correlated. If you have selected the six favourites and they all go on to win or place then you will not win this much as if several big outsiders ended up placing or winning rather than pay bets.

An alternative to the Placepot is called a quadpot which is where you select four horses to place in the last four races of each meeting.

Each line in the Placepot costs £1 per line and you can create as many lines as you wish. Many people like to combine forces and create a syndicate giving them much more winning power. To play the Placepots you can join any UK sports book which has a tote betting market such as Betfred, William Hill or sky bet. Alongside Placepots you can also play Scoop six and lots of other types betting markets.

If no one wins a Placepot in a certain meeting the entire  amount is rolled over to the next race. This can often create huge prize pools making it a +EV proposition to play. This simply means that in the long run your expected return will be positive.

The good thing about tote betting markets is that everyone contributes to the pot so if you went for a big outsider which came in and very few other people did the same and you stand to win much larger sums of money than if you simply back  the horse by betting against the sports book.

If you don’t have an account with any of the popular sports books then you can sign up to skybet or Betfred and get various welcome bonuses ranging from £20 free bet tokens by up to £250 at bet365. You can also play the tote  markets in any major high street bookmakers including Betfred and ladbrokes.

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