Pokies are more commonly known as slots in the UK and is Australian slang for video poker machines. Slots can be found in pretty much any UK casino but you will find for wider range online at any UK high street bookmakers website. Furthermore online you will get much better value for money as the average return to player is much higher than at a physical casino. Generally speaking slots return from 95% to 98% of whatever you put in whereas in a physical casino it can be as low as 80%. As well as this there are no limits as to how much you can win online as some jackpots have reached £15 million. At physical bricks and mortar casinos you will notice that jackpots hover around £20,000 and barely are ever won. If you want to play slots as a physical casino with big payouts then you will need to head to Vegas.

Playing slots online is by far the best option as you get a massive variety of games to choose from. Pretty much every high Street bookmaker will carry several different vendor’s of slot and casino games. The most popular of them all is Playtech which powers every UK high Street bookmaker to various lesser-known brands such as netent. Games vary wildly in theme from popular film and TV games such as the Sopranos and even Jurassic Park themed games to cartoony farm animal themed games.

As you will no doubt have noticed many online operations try and grab your interest by offering huge welcome bonuses. This is even more true when it comes to slot games. One example is bet365 which offer a 200% bonus on your first deposit of £10 or more all the way up to £200. Bet365 also offer half a dozen different software vendor’s so you have hundreds of different slot games to choose from whereas many other UK high street operations only have around 100 games and you will see them repeating quite a lot when you visit different websites. If you are used to playing pokies in Australia then your best option is bet365 as they have recently launched an Australian operation with Sam Jackson as the head of the company. They also offer the biggest sports book bonus going in the form of a $200 match.

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