Scoop6 is a Tote betting market offered by pretty much every major UK high street bookmaker. It has recently been taken over by high Street giant Betfred as they now operate the game every Saturday and occasionally Sunday. Since Betfred now operates the game they also choose which races operates every Saturday. This means you will probably notice Betfred pushing the game much more than any other bookmaker and they will also quite often offer extra cash bonuses if you win the jackpot there. For example, they have recently given away £100,000 if you happen to buy the winning ticket in either a Betfred shop or online

Scoop6 is a simple concept. All you need to do is correctly predict the winning horse of six different races every single Saturday. If  all six are correct in one week then you win the jackpot prize. The jackpot varies from week to week but ranges from a couple hundred thousand pounds up to £15 million which has recently been one when there were many rollovers. Don’t worry if you don’t get all six correct as there is a place prize pool which means you win a cash prize if all your six horses place or win. The place prize pool varies from a few pounds if all the obvious horses placed i.e. all the favourites to potentially thousands of pounds if it was won by lots of outsiders.

Each line costs £2 and you can create as many lines as you wish. Due to the nature and the high variation of the game it is advised you join a syndicate or create one of your own. If you can afford to play lots of lines on your own then this game can be very profitable if there are many rollovers. For example when the £15 million jackpot was one there were six different winners several of which were in a syndicate.

If you get all six correct horses then you get to  play a bonus game the following week. Betfred will pick one more race in which you must select the winner if you do this you will go on to win the further bonus prize pool which is around 50% of the original prizepool.

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