Scoop6Soccer Is a new type of sports bets from Betfred. It works in much the same way as a normal Scoop6 type bet works but instead of placing your bets on six different horse races you will place your bets on six different football matches all kicking off at the same time on a Saturday. Rather than getting the winner of each match you must get the correct score of all six games in order to win the jackpot. Obviously getting all six games with the correct score is quite difficult so there are  prizes if you only get four  or five correct.

The jackpot for getting all six games correct is £250,000. You will then get the option of playing the week after for a further £750,000. Betfred will select a match the following week in which you need to place a correct score bet on. If you get the correct score on the bonus match then the entire £1 million prize is yours. To play the bonus game the following week you do not need to do anything as Betfred will contact you and ask you for your selection. There is  nothing further to pay to play the bonus scheme but you need to get all six correct the previous week.

Each line cost 2 pounds and you can play unlimited lines every week. The game can be played in store or online but we advise you to play online as it is much easier to keep track of your entries and you will not be able to lose your tickets.

If you only get four correct scores in a single week you still win a prize which will be determined by how many other players got for correct. If you went on to get a five correct matches you will win whatever for correct matches did times five.

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